Web-Design-Orange-CountyWeb Design Vs Web Development

The difference between a designer and a developer usually goes unnoticed. A developer is the person who creates the code behind your website. A developer’s main goal is clear concise code that is functional and WC3 Compliant. The developer of your website works solely to make sure that your website works from a technical stand point. A web designer is the person that creates the graphics and aesthetic aspect of your website. Typically individuals are great at one and not so much at the other.

We employ teams of 2 on each website we design. A developer will lay down the code or the cms for your website. The features and logic behind your website will be laid down by your developer. Once your developer feels comfortable with your websites syntax he will hand it to the designer.

Your designer will compile a new logo for you as well as custom graphics for your craigslist posting and the artwork for your site. You will be provided with custom animated sliders and well as images related to your website will be sourced and or purchased. If need be we will even purchase stock video footage for video design elements of your site. Once both developer and designer agree that your site is ready for preview you will receive and email with a private link to view your site before we publish it in the wild.


Mobile Responsive Design

With the rapid growth of the cellular phone mobile responsive design is a very important aspect of any and all web sites today. OMNI builds websites that work on all native and Android and Iphone Devices.

If your website is not mobile responsive chances are the search engines will choose to not show you on the front page for difficult keywords. If you currently operate an Ecommerece web site and have noticed a drop in sales of the past few months or years it can be directly related to the mobile responsiveness of your website. We have helped many E-commerece websites get new sales and increased traffic with a mobile responsive redesign.

Just because your website can be viewed on an iphone or android phone does not necessarily mean that its mobile responsive. If you’ve ever visit the website on your smart phone it had to zoom in and zoom out in read large in different size chunks of text and not website was not mobile responsive.

Mobile responsive means gracefully adjusting the size of the text and images. If your website inst capable of this in 2014 you most certainly will bleed traffic and or lose sales and leads. With a OMNI Website you never have to worry about keeping up with the latest design trends. We take care of that for you.


Thousands of Happy Customers

We at any time have thousands of websites online. Our customers stick with us for the long term not because of contracts but because what we do works. Our award winning designs and seo packages will quickly become something that you rely on. Chances are if you are reading this and you own a business we have created a website in your Niche or Genre.

A majority of our web design customers are referred to us from customers that already have had service with OMNI or are still doing so. We have worked with fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies. Our portfolio spans from 1 page landing pages to 10,000 page wiki style websites. Our customers are happy because we are happy to serve you. Web Design isn’t just our job its our passion. OMNI’s Robust analytics packages can give you and your other decision makers at your office keen insight to the performance of our website and subsequent marketing efforts.


Monthly Website Maintenance

We create our websites on platforms that are conducive to the client. If  you have simple text edits we can show you how to make them yourself. If that option is no interest to you we can make the edits and changes for you. By subscribing to one of our web design and monthly maintenance packages your website will be filled with fresh new content every single week and month. You will notice a significant increase and traffic tied to the times we post. Enjoy your stead new streams of customers every single month.

Our subscription based service will also includes changes to the website as well as on going seo services provided to your marketing campaign. Our websites do not lose value over time but quite the opposite. Our ongoing website maintenance can make your website a dominate force in your local market place in some cases as soon as 30 days however results to very and for super competitive key words it can take much longer. No matter the keyword or Niche OMNI’s goal will be to get you to the top of the search engines as quickly as possible.


A Custom Design Process

Unlike our contemporaries we do not reuse designs unless at the request of the client. We believe that each client deserves their own unique and custom website. Your design will be spoken about at length in our meetings in office and we will come to you with a few different designs that will be stunning but different. Your design will be a collection of your thoughts and information given to us and delicately pieced together so your vision shines through. Please afford us one opportunity to earn your business and we promise that you will be supremely pleased with the quality of our work and the manner in which it is delivered to you. Feel free to pick up the phone and have one of our project managers share with you a free estimate on your goal.

OMNI  have delivered many solutions to thumbtack customers who needed a cost effective platform to deliver their business information to their existing customers. We also have helped these cost minded business grow their client base month after month.