Organic SEO


Organic SEO is a term that refers to ranking your website in the natural search results. Oragnic sEO has replaced our traditional means of finding what we are looking for. The use of search engines has made old forms of media like the Yellow Pages adapt and change.

If you are looking to dominate the organic search results for your keywords you will need a company that produces results. We have ranked thousands of websites for their most difficult keywords. What many individuals do not seem to understand is that this process is ongoing and takes time. With the current Google Algorithm ( Penguin 2.2 ) ranking a website for top tier competitive keys words can take longer than 60 to 90 days depending on what niche you are in. We deliver all of our SEO products with ROI in mind.

OMni’s Organic Strategy

These are just a few of the process that we perform on a monthly basis for all of our clients.

Content Creation –  Content is King

When it comes to ranking your website nothing is as quite as important as your content. Your content is equally important to your rankings as it is to your end user. Omni has an in house SEO Copywriter as well as a content creation team who spend much of their time creating unique content for all of our clients.

Anchor Text Links - 

Once the most effective tool in the SEO Companies belt has since been greatly devalued according to our studies. Of course we still create anchor text links for  your keywords but in a less aggressive more Google friendly way. Our staff will create many naturally occurring Anchor Text Links that google loves and craves and non of the bad links. We earn all of our links in house and never farm out link creation. It’s simply a task we take to seriously to let someone else handle.


Social Media Signals -

How many likes and how active users are on your social media accounts now effect your rankings. For all intensive purposes likes and +1′s are now just as valuable as other efforts to build links. The key to social media signals is creating content that your users will enjoy.

On-Page Factors Optimized :

Things like meta titles and meta tags will be setup properly for all of your keywords. Your header and websites title are one of the biggest things that SEO companies fail to use to the best of its ability. Factors like site structure, internal links as well as anchor text and internal linking profiles will be studied and corrected.

Keyword Research - 

Perhaps one of the most overlooked factors is keyword research. Many times SEO companies will optimize your website for keywords that do not generate sales and traffic and also leave out important segments of your client base. Our staff will make sure to discuss with you what keywords are important to your business.

OMNI’s Seo staff also will use all of its latest and greatest Keyword research tools to make sure that your website will rank for keywords that generate revenue and new client inquiries.


Duplicate Content  Protection -

Our staff of copywriters check frequently to ensure that our data is protected and no other companies are using our content for their own purposes. Not only is content stealing wrong but it can be damaging to your campaign.


Google Authorship

Have you been searching online recently and seen a picture of the websites author next to the search results. With Googles New Authorship tag you can now share who you are with people before they even click on your site. During OMNI’s recent seo studies we have found that Click Through Rate on Sites with authorship is almost 4 times more than sites that do not use this free upgrade.

During the creation of your website we will be sure to add your information to the google authorship markup. Please provide us with a image that your face can be clearly seen. Professional head shots look remarkably well when included in the search engine results page

Link Profile : 

When redesigning your old website we perform our own in house link audit. Our link audit will give us insight as to who is referring you traffic and why. In many cases we are forced to clean up bad backlinks from past seo companies and their feeble attempts at backlinking.

Many seo companies make no bones about “burning a domain” with blackhat techniques. Techniques like shady link building are a one way ticket to the Google Dungeon. All of our link building looks natural to Google, because it is natural. We go out and earn links for you on a daily basis according to Google Guidelines.

 image Alt-Tag Optimization

        By using strategic keywords that describe your images, it creates additional relevancy for your website. This not only assist the search engines in understanding the content on your page, but it also optimizes your images with search engines so that your images also have a high ranking with keywords and display high on the images results page.


1.      SIGN UP

Choose Keywords and/or Search Phrases you would like to be found for


Your business will appear in the Organic Search Results section of Google and other major search engines with a link to your website


Clients searching for your Keywords will see your ad and be directed to your website


Customers will call, click, or come by your business


OMNI tracks your results monthly and sends FREE statements upon request. 24-7 online account access coming soon!

Over 85% of new visitors to a website originate from a major search engine…and over 95% of all clicks come from the first page of search results.


Start generating more traffic and business from your website.  We are available 24/7 and look forward to driving you more traffic and business. OMNI is your key to dominating the organic search in 2014.


Local Seo Marketing


Local SEO Marketing By OMNI

Local SEO marketing is the first product that we ever sold to the public. The demand for local seo is so intense simply because of the effectiveness of it. Customers who rank both in the organic and local see on average of 4 times as many phone calls as those just found in the organic.

OMNI has been practicing its proven set of techniques for local SEO since 2003. Although the algorithm has changed many of the major ranking factors are the same. Google, Bing and Yahoo’s Local map searches are accessed on average of close to 90 million times a day. Harnessing just a small percentage of the local searches relevant to your business can mean a huge influx of ready to buy customers. Being found is great but turning those customers from visitors to calls is an art form that we have mastered.

We continuously create content and links to your Google + local profile ensuring that your listing will rank day in and day out.





Google Local Reviews

One of the most important factors for turning visitors into leads are the reviews on your local maps listing. How you appear online is just as important. A scathing review from an unhappy customer can do serious and in some cases irrevocable damage. OMNI will make sure that your Google local listing is always fresh with real reviews from your actual customers.

Depending on your situation we will create a custom system for you to cultivate new reviews whether its a widget on your site or an email you send out we will set you up with a formula that will produce real review results for you. During our years of A B testing we have found that reviews do in fact have a small effect on where you show in the search engine rankings. Yelp, Angies list as well as the hundreds of other review based websites will be added to your website so that your customers have one easy hub to leave positive and reviews for you.

We will train your staff or yourself on how to respond to reviews left on your profile. Showing interaction on your Google local profile will show that you are serious about your business as well as add new and relevant content to your business whenever you post. Your instructions will also include how to write seo freindly responses. Not only are you nourishing the seo needs of your Google local profile but your building your reputation among both online and real communities





Yahoo and Bing Local

Although Yahoo and Bing have been losing market share over the past few years, one key factor that keeps the auto and bang as viable search engines is the reliability of their local search. To this day Bing and Yahoo still maintain about 20% of the market share. What if you could easily increase the traffic to your website by 20%. You very easily could by simply to verify your local listings on Bing and Yahoo. Many folks also use bing and yahoo local on their tablets and smart devices. OMNI local SEO packages covers Google maps, as well as Yahoo maps and Bing map.

Including your information on Bing and Yahoo is a great SEO practice as google looks at Bing and Yahoo as 2 of its major link referrers. Yahoo and Bing users also seem to spend more time on websites and are more likely to call or email you. These amazing Click Thru rates play a big portion of why we still advertise on Bing and Yahoo today.


Local Seo Tips For Business Owners

If you are looking for a couple of ways you can help us out here are a few tips we have noticed. Don’t Change phone numbers or Address’s the longer you keep one phone number and address the faster you will climb the search engines.

As time goes by more and more data aggregates and other websites will come across your information post it to their directories and sites. These types of links when created are powerful and can vary in strength depending on a few factors. An example of pages like these are the yellow pages and Dunn and Bradstreet, These companies collect your info and directly report it to the search engines giving your website or name and phone number a definite boost.

If you are currently thinking about re branding your business now may be the time. Many companies are dropping their old names in lieu of more LOCAL SEO friendly titles. A brief search for the key word Plumbing Temecula and you will see why. By simply changing your name to a more seo friendly name you will be doing your web developer a big favor.



Results Based Strategy

OMNI does not require long term commitments. We believe that they are required and prefer to be on a results based contract with our clients. Our customers choose to stay with us month after month because of our consistent results and attention to detail. Our commitment to customer service is what separates us from other seo firms.

You will be provided with monthly reports and statistics that will justify our cost and show you in real time who visited your site and for how long. Our reporting system can track impressions, clicks as well as request for directions through the map system to your location. We look forward to providing you with a custom solution that can create more business and drive traffic to your websites and office doors. The reason we have been in business so long is our ability to post your listing on Google maps and drive leads from it to your phone. Our webdesign and all we do is built around Local SEO and showing your business to the masses when a key word with local intent is searched in your area. Get started today and begin taking back your financial independence by advertising on Google Local.