Pay Per Click Management



Pay Per Click Management

Omni Development believes that our responsibility does not end at ad posting. Your PPC campaign needs constant nurturing to become a lead machine. While driving traffic is great and quite beneficial, phone calls and customer contact forms are what we strive for.

We guarantee that when using Omni Development  you will save money on your monthly PPC budget vs our competitors. We simply provide better service and bid management than the competitors. We will generate anywhere from 20 to 40 custom adwords contexutual ads on your behalf to really jump start your campaign.


Honest and Reliable PPC Management

There are many companies that have made wonderful livings by simply hyper inflating the price of adwords. Omni Development Technology prefers that you pay Google Directly for the adwords and pay us a small management fee. We firmly believe that this is the proper way to conduct PPC management. If your seo company is currently purchasing adwords on your behalf be sure to ask them how much of the money you send in actually reaches Google. I am sure you will be surprised.


PPC Campaign Tracking

For all PPC campaigns we provide a unique hosted phone number. All of the calls will be recorded and monitored for quality assurance. With our enhances and integrated phone call tracking our customers can now see when their PPC ads, such as Google Adwords or  Bing Paid Media, are generating phone calls instead of just traditional conversions.  We give you the ability to know the exact cost per acquisition for all of your online campaigns. Now in addition to measuring keyword, and campaign success without the knowledge of phone leads Omni Development  Adwords campaign Annalists  can more effectively make intelligent decisions about inactivating keywords.

With Omni Development s New Call Reporting you will be able to tell who and when contacted you every single month.





PPC Campaign Overview Phase 1 Includes:

  • Goals and Objectives Review.
  • Expert Detailed Keyword Analysis : Working with you, our team will develop a customized keyword campaign, specific to your business by doing in depth Keyword
  • research – We will select productive keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product or service, and your target audience and industry.
  • Budget and Targeting Review.
  • Generate detailed descriptions of your business to enhance the quality and frequency of your visits.
  • Creative Ad copy writing – We will create compelling ads and determine which messages perform best in order to maximize the number of customers.
  • Landing pages creation and improvement – We will make sure your landing page(s) are attractive and designed to create conversions.
  • Assist with implementing the best possible tracking for your website.
  • Assist you in creating and achieving realistic short and long-term goals.


Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 2



  • Daily / Hourly bid monitoring
  • Ad effectiveness review
  • Compelling ad variant creation
  • Comprehensive Pay Per Click Management budget oversight
  • Pay per click campaign optimization
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly ppc strategy and results meetings (depending on ppc management services plan)
  • Hands on PPC Bid Management
  • Weekly email reporting
  • Weekly Organic vs. PPC comparison report (depending on ppc management services plan)
  • Unlimited PPC Management phone support (depending on ppc management services plan)
  • Exclusive SourceTrax Technology implementation
  • We will continuously monitor and analyze your campaign performance in terms of:
  • Click through rates (ratio of clicks to impressions, CTR)
  • Conversion rates (ratio of visitors who performed a desired action, such as purchased your product, to clicks)
  • On an ongoing basis, our disciplined methodology and proprietary PPC bid management tools will closely:
  • Monitor your advertising
  • Manage keywords
  • Adjust ad positions and bids
  • Test click-through rates
  • Measure your ROI by keyword or campaign
  • Pay Per Click Management Services Phase 3
  • In Depth PPC Campaign Tracking And ROI Measurement

Pay Per Click Management Services Phase
PPC Management Services Quality Program

We have a serious commitment to quality. This isn’t a quality initiative, but rather a core value of continuous improvement. Our commitment to quality involves 2 primary continuous improvement loops.
Monthly Service inclusion  1:
Continual customer satisfaction and results reviews
We will continually listen to our clients regarding our pay per click management services and we will utilize that information to improve our services.
Monthly Service inclusion 2:
Continual Self evaluation
We will continually self-evaluate our services through ongoing peer reviews and campaign effectiveness reviews. We will utilize the information gained in ongoing employee training.
Continuous improvements to our ppc management services comes through this ongoing commitment to our quality program, listening to our customers, reviewing our effectiveness and most importantly, applying what we learn through training.