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How can I ensure my website is compliant with GDPR?

Identify all your active data processors. For each data processor, take note of these following questions: • Why are you using the data? • Where is the data stored? • Do you need this data? Verify the privacy policy of each of your data processors, this will give you an indication as to whether they [...]

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GDPR Compliance: Are You Ready?

On 25 May 2018, GDPR or General Protection Regulation came into force in the EU (after a 2-year adoption period spurred in 2016). It was created with the purpose of coordinating data privacy laws across Europe. At a glance, the Regulation describes itself as a revitalized means of protection for personal data. Personal data means [...]

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How to Protect Your Original Creative Work from Theft

You spend hours on original content - maybe it's a blog post, article, music, or a movie. Your work should not be something that anyone can take from you without proper compensation or permission. In an age where your art can be copied, uploaded to the web, and made available worldwide in seconds, it’s good [...]

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Differences in Websites that You Need to Know

Websites have to ensure that you get a top page positioning in for your product or service. This is why much thought needs to go into website development. This is most efficiently done with the help of the right consultant who manages to right design and programming team. The foundation for website development depends on [...]

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How Your Website Can Grow Your Business

Developing and maintaining your website is critical to the successful growth of your business. Like a farmer, if you want to harvest new customers, you need to plant the right seeds, water and nourish them and they will someday bear fruit. Treat your website like a living plant. Update your site on a regular basis. [...]

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